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Ring beam and lift shaft for 6 story apartment block. Rutland street, Leicester.


We were approached by a large commercial development group to design and implement a foundation for a six story residential building in rutland street, leicester city centre. 


​After going over the initial drawings we decided upon a single continuous ring beam. Using 300mm piling tubes driven by our drop hammer rig we installed 120 piles to provide the necessary strength to the beam.

Once the piles were installed we were able to begin digging the necessary trenches to accommodate the trench forma shuttering system.

We were then able to cast the ring beam in one day minimising desruption and unnessesary road closures.

Finally we returned to dig the specified lift shaft, as this was also supported by piles we were able dig only 1 metre in depth and using steel mesh, fabricate a 250mm concrete slab. 

DURATION:  5 Weeks

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